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Anglo belgian coorporation

Wiedauwkaai 43, Gent 9000, Vlaanderen, Belgium

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Anglo Belgian Corporation with headquarters in Gent, Belgium has almost a century of engine-building expertise. The company was founded in 1912 by a group of Belgian entrepreneurs soon after building the first licensed Rudolf Diesel engine.

Despite the reduced possibilities for sales and trading during the two world wars, ABC continued its activities. As the production level was low during these periods a lot of time was spent to research and design with the future in mind. A successor, based on the DU engine-line, was designed soon after and named DX for the naturally aspirated version. Through cooling of the charge-air after the turbo compressor by means of an intercooler, power of the same engine could be doubled, compared to the naturally aspirated engine this engine line was named DXC.


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Wiedauwkaai 43, Gent 9000, Vlaanderen, Belgium

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