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As the name indicates, we provide solutions.

The solutions are aimed at companies that "temporarily" do not have the capacity on board to carry out projects or optimization actions, but see the need to implement this to keep their ship on track. We carry out this project management on an interim basis. However, it does not stop there and we go a step further.

As our logo shows, partly due to our commitment and added value (value adding), a three-leaf clover becomes a four-leaf clover. Thanks to our training, knowledge, expertise and years of experience, we provide the company (if desired) in addition to carrying out the assignment, company-wide advice about matters / processes that stand out and can be optimized or organized more efficiently.

Bronsolution focuses on technical companies in yacht and shipbuilding (maritime), manufacturing industry, process industry and manufacturing industry.

We also offer maritime engineering capacity. For this we have entered into a partnership with Buoyancy Consultants from Goa India. This renowned maritime engineering company provides engineering projects in shipbuilding, yacht building and offshore worldwide. At Bronsolution we have a lot of experience in European ship and yacht building, where we focus on project management. Social and green. This is how we describe our collaboration. We ensure that the employees are not brought to work, but that the work comes to the employees. This not only prevents additional costs and environmental impact (green), but our maritime engineers also work in a place where they feel comfortable (social). In this way they are able to perform optimally.

Qualitative engineering, on time at a low cost.



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