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It's shipping & survey

• incoming control of the delivered goods to the inland siloses or to port terminal

• outcoming control from the factories or siloses

• acceptance of the purity/cleannless of the holds of the vessel (containers, vehicles) and the confirmation for the possibility to carriage of a particular type of cargo. Issuance of the cleanness certificate

• checking out of the rubber seals of hatch covers

• 24 hours visual inspection of the loading process and visual assessment of the quality of the goods

• sampling during loading and preparation of composite sample representing the whole quantity of cargo

• laboratory testing of all types of goods in accordance with the local and international requirements and standards (ISO, USDA, ASTM, DIN, GOST, DSTU) and also with other customer requirements.

• rapid express tests for basic parameters

• advanced analysis of the cargo for: pesticides, mycotoxins, GMO, dioxins, radioactivity and heavy metals

• presence during vehicles weightning and weight acknowledgement received at the port entrance or loaded onboard. Checking out of metrological certification of weights.

• draught surveys (initial, final, intermediate, barges)
Service Provider
Heemraadssingel 294B, Rotterdam 3021 NB, Netherlands