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nC Surface Technology BV

Rosbayerweg 206-210, Zaanstad, Wormerveer 1521 RW, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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nC Marine. Improve your Assets.

nC Group of Companies formulates, developes, manufactures, sells or distributes nano- and surface technology. At nC Marine, adding more reliability, more safety and less cost for assets like ships, plants, engines, machines and people is our job. As a result, you will find innovative yet proven solutions in preparing and innovating of surfaces. And in changing material characteristics. Green shipping. Or in optimizing service life of machines, equipment and assets.

Green Shipping
A smart, green shipping and future-oriented portfolio of categories and solutions is what we offer. It consists of material- and surface enhancers and protectors, additives, active nanobased coatings and extreme lubricants. Especially aimed for ocean-going assets, inland ships, harbours and nautic infrastructure.

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Rosbayerweg 206-210, Zaanstad, Wormerveer 1521 RW, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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