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Chat with PortJoin using Whatsapp

You can reach PortJoin by using several different channels and the latest is the option to use WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp channel isn't monitored 24/7, but you can expect a reply within 12 hours.

Just try it!


 Or Message Portjoin Netherlands on WhatsApp. https://wa.me/message/RDAIYH4HYP3VH1


PortJoin WhatsApp

How to handle multiple locations

PortJoin is offering different solutions for companies with more than one physical location and is depending on the requirements.

We suggest the following options:


  • Add additional information under Contact Details (information isn’t used in search)
  • Secondary locations (Advanced / Pro package)
  • Related companies (Pro package)
PortJoin Locations

Why are PortJoin categories important

Approximately 90% of the PortJoin users are using categories to find the most relevant search results. Using the correct categories is very important to ensure your business listing is shown for the correct audience.

Selecting the correct category describing your product or service can be very changing and we will go more into detail how categories are working and how to select.

PortJoin Categories

Additional content editors (Advanced / Pro PortJoin package)

If you have different people in your organisation responsible for updating content and you have an Advanced or Pro package, you can request to add additional content editors.

How is this working?

  1. Ask the person to create account at PortJoin
  2. The listing owner / admin how registered or claimed the listing can send request for additional content editor to
  3. Include name and username of additional content editor
  4. You will receive confirmation when done

What if you don't want to show your address details?

Many maritime experts are working as an independent supplier, often their company address is same as home address

PortJoin's objective is to give a complete as possible overview of all maritime companies active around the world.

To support the smaller companies, PortJoin offers the option to show only city and country. You will find the option if you open your listing on your Dashboard.

What if you don't want to show your address details?

EV SLL Certificate

PortJoin is using the highest level of security and received EV certification.

Is there any difference? If you browse to PortJoin, you will see now the full company name before the PortJoin URL.


EV SLL Certificate

About PortJoin

PortJoin connects the maritime industry to drive business growth, optimize procurement, improve customer experience and increase efficiency.