Free PortJoin Support during Corona (COVID-19) crisis


We understand that the present Corona crisis is creating uncertain times and requires full focus on the daily operations of your business. Due to travel restrictions and social distancing, is your online presence more important. Creating and maintaining your business listing isn’t your first priority and PortJoin will make it easy. (Extended till 31 March 2021)


PortJoin is offering free Setup & Maintain support for all Advanced/Pro listings for new and existing customers.


What are the options:

  • If you have an Advanced/Pro package, just send your required changes/updates/press releases to 
  • If you have a Basic package (Free), upgrade to Advanced/Pro package
  • No listing? Add your Business and select Advanced/Pro package


More information regarding PortJoin Support 

PortJoin will try to minimize the communication during the Setup / Maintain support and this free service will be offered till at least 31st of March 2021.

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