PortJoin Categories

Why are PortJoin categories important

Approximately 90% of the PortJoin users are using categories to find the most relevant search results. Using the correct categories is very important to ensure your business listing is shown for the correct audience.

Selecting the correct category describing your product or service can be very changing and we will go more into detail how categories are working and how to select.


PortJoin can offer per category 3 sublevels (if required), Category -> SL1 -> SL2 -> SL3. For better user experience the search field on the homepage and search result page will show category + Sublevel 1.  After the user is making their first selection, the results are displayed with the option of using a search filter to refine the search and selecting sublevel 2 and 3.



The number of categories and sublevels which can be selected for your business listing is depending on the package linked. For more information: see PortJoin Pricing

It is very important that the categories are relevant for your service/product, as will result in more leads. If you select one of the sublevels, your listing will be also shown in the higher sublevels and category. For example, SL2 will be visible in SL1 + Category.

If you create/edit your business listing, the option Category and Main category are available and mandatory.

Category: Select the categories (number depending on package)

Main Category: Select one of the categories as Main Category, will be visible in Business Listing header


If you have any questions or missing category describing your business, you can contact


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