Many results demonstrate Ecospeed’s qualities

Many results demonstrate Ecospeed’s qualities


Over the years our Subsea Industries coating systems’ many qualities have been confirmed on numerous occasions. Examples of this are the certification and recognition given by independent organizations and the excellent condition of the coatings on the underwater hulls and running gear of vessels after sailing for many years.

The past year has been an especially successful one. In this article we will be looking back at some of the major success stories of 2020.

More Ecospeed protection for roro ferry

In 2019 Finnish shipping company Eckerö coated the open cargo deck of their roro passenger ferry Finbo Cargo with Ecospeed. This was done to protect the deck against damage from cars and cargo. One year later the deck was still in excellent condition, in strong contrast to previous years. As a result, Eckerö decided to coat the ice belt and most of the hull with Ecospeed to offer it the same lasting protection.

“We coated the weather deck with good result,” says Mr. Olsén, Technical Manager with Eckerö Group. “After one year in traffic and many thousands of cargo tons there are no failures to the coating at all.”

M/S Finbo Cargo was upgraded to an Ice Class program last year. “We decided quite fast that we needed a coating that we knew could handle the ice conditions in the Baltic Sea,” says Mr. Olsén. Ecospeed’s resistance against ice is ideal to complement the ship’s new structural ice protection.

During the busy tourist season ferries need to be sailing frequently so the best time for drydocking is the low season when there is less cargo and fewer passengers. “We decided to choose a system that initially costs a bit more but in the end saves us a lot in maintenance cost,” continues Mr. Olsén. “That is an important factor for us since our dockings are mainly done during winter in bad weather conditions when the quality of repair work to the paint system cannot be guaranteed.” For this reason it was essential to reduce the necessary maintenance and paint work during future drydockings.

Seaspan running gear kept safe since 2010

Over the last ten years the rudders of 55 container ships owned by Seaspan have been coated with Ecoshield. A number of vessels also had their thruster tunnels and twisted fins given the same treatment. One of these ships docked in Indonesia last year, ten years after application. Only very small touch-ups were needed on its rudder, much to the satisfaction of the owner.

After the recent docking of the vessel Seaspan New York its superintendent Mr. Chandrashekhar Singh commented: “In my 10 years of experience as superintendent I have never seen a rudder in such a good condition as when Ecoshield paint is applied. With this good experience, we have applied Ecoshield paint on the draft and load line marks and bow thruster tunnel as well.”

Mr. Mithun Vasudevan superintendent of Seaspan’s CSCL Sydney said that “Ecoshield has definitely been a success and most of our ships have had it applied or are in the process of using it. This in itself is a testimonial to the quality of the product.”


Satisfied customer returns for two newbuild tugboats

Three years ago, Ecospeed was applied on Antarctic, a shallow draught anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel owned by Ark Shipping Company. The success of this application led the owner of the boat to order the same protection for his next two shallow draught AHTS vessels: Polar and Polus. Building of these vessels started last year and again takes place at the Atlas Shipyard in Kocaeli, Turkey.

Many applications on ice going hulls show that our coatings can withstand the impact of ice for many years on end. Some of these vessels have been sailing for well over ten years without needing to be repainted.

Orkun Çomuoğlu who is the managing director at Amat Engineering, Subsea Industries’ agent in Turkey said: “These are super ice-class vessels that require extensive hull protection for the operations they (will) undertake. The positive experience with the Antarctic made the choice for the next two vessels much easier for the owner.”

Ecospeed still in excellent condition after 10 years

Ten years after Ecospeed was applied on two of the Hydrex workboats, one of them docked in Antwerp. The coating was still in near-perfect condition and no repaint or touch-ups were required.

For the Hydrex divers that regularly clean the workboats this came as no surprise. “When we clean the hulls, the surrounding water remains clean. Only fouling is washed off the vessel,” said one of them. “Inspecting the hull of the vessel underwater always shows the pristine condition of Ecospeed. This is in sharp contrast with the regular anti-fouling coatings on other underwater hulls we see.”

 Subsea Industries’ Executive Director Boud Van Rompay explained: “With Ecospeed there is no need to reblast and recoat the hull; no chance of corrosion, no impact on the environment and, if regular hull cleaning is carried out, large fuel savings can be achieved.”



These results clearly demonstrate that our coating systems are not only the best option for the underwater hull of a ship but can also be used for a wide range of other purposes. The result is always the same: a lasting, non-toxic protection against corrosion, cavitation and even mechanical damage.

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