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Happy and Healthy New Year!

Happy and Healthy New Year!

The PortJoin Team wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Free PortJoin Support during Corona (COVID-19) crisis


We understand that the present Corona crisis is creating uncertain times and requires full focus on the daily operations of your business. Due to travel restrictions and social distancing, is your online presence more important. Creating and maintaining your business listing isn’t your first priority and PortJoin will make it easy. (Extended till 31 March 2021)


PortJoin is offering free Setup & Maintain support for all Advanced/Pro listings for new and existing customers.

How to handle multiple locations

How to handle multiple locations

PortJoin is offering different solutions for companies with more than one physical location and is depending on the requirements.

We suggest the following options:


  • Add additional information under Contact Details (information isn’t used in search)
  • Secondary locations (Advanced / Pro package)
  • Related companies (Pro package)
Why are PortJoin categories important

Why are PortJoin categories important

Approximately 90% of the PortJoin users are using categories to find the most relevant search results. Using the correct categories is very important to ensure your business listing is shown for the correct audience.

Selecting the correct category describing your product or service can be very changing and we will go more into detail how categories are working and how to select.

Additional options for Corona (COVID-19) information - Discontinued

- Discontinued - 

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting many companies worldwide, as many countries are in ‘lock-down’, (international) travel is restricted or stopped and the future is unclear. The most optimistic duration scenario of the crisis is a few months, but expected is that some implemented restrictions will take longer. Information is key in crisis situations and PortJoin is noticing an increase in searches regarding the impact, restrictions and limitations.

To support your business, PortJoin is opening additional options for all packages (Basic / Advanced / Pro) to inform your customers regarding COVID-19.

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